FKT: Katharina Hartmuth - Solo 11 Peaks (Solothurn, Switzerland) - 2022-04-29

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
10h 45m 12s

I ran this beautiful course on my own without any support from others (also nobody was running with me on any part of the course). After trying it before last year and missing the females FKT by only a few minutes I wanted to try it again! I felt really good throughout the run and had lots of fun.

I brought all my supplies in my running vest and only stocked up with water at rivers and fountains. As the weather was nice (not too hot/cold, no rain) there was no need for any supplies in the form of a drop bag or similar.

Remark: I accidentally re-started my watch in the end (cause I was not sure if I had stopped it already a few seconds after reaching the finish line), which is why I stated the time of 10:44:57 on my strava-account. The elapsed time is now 15 seconds more due to this mistake and I am totally fine with this time, I just wanted to clarify why there is a mismatch between moving time and elapsed time!