Route: Solo 11 Peaks (Solothurn, Switzerland)

75 km
Vertical Gain
5,400 m

Solo11Peaks is an unmarked self supported trailrun of 75 km with approximately 5100D+. The trail starts at the famous St. Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, takes you over 11 peaks in the Solothurner Jura, to finish at the St. Ursen Cathedral again. Along the way you will pass Solothurn’s famous religious gorge (Verena Schlucht), some beautiful grates, 11 mountains (including the Hasenmatt, Grenchenberg, Weissenstein and Röti), green valleys, rivers, waterfalls, rock walls and miles and miles of forest.

All who manage to finish this challenge will be taken into the rankings of that year. This year runs until 11 November 2020. The winner will be announced shortly after that. All who manage to finish the Solo11Peaks in 11:11:11 will get a big bottle of beer from the Oufi Brewery in Solothurn. To learn more about Solothurn and its obsession with the number 11 visit Solothurn Tourismus.

Be prepared for a journey with steep, small and rocky paths, a lot of slippery leafs, grassy hills, some exposed sections and just a small portion of easy mountain roads. When you’re a very strong trailrunner finishing this challenge in 11:11:11 is possible. Knowing the route and terrain will help, the same goes for good navigation skills and mountain experience.

GPS Track


Where are the fountains and is the path mostly on a clear wanderweg?

The path goes mainly over marked routes but depending on your definition I would not call it "clear wanderwegen"; some sections over ridges, many singletracks on technical terrain and steep climbs and downhills. There are also sections over wider, clearer tracks; this is approx. 20%. Also some 15% goes over unmarked paths (but still paths, no bushwacking). You come across many streams along the way (but there is also cattle in the fields), there are fountains/water taps approx at 25 km, 40 km, 47km, 55km. There are also multiple restaurants along the way.