FKT: Katherina Laan - Mt Tamalpais (CA) - 2020-12-05

Route variation
16 laps
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
# Laps
Total time
1d 8h 49m 27s

Most Mt. Tamalpais ascents in 2 days, supported effort. 16 ascents (and descents) 40,123ft of total elevation gain (about 2,500 per ascent), 105miles total, elapsed time 32hrs 49min and 27sec.

We also call this H.A.M. on Tam 100 or HOT 100, as this is 16x repetitions of a segment called H.A.M. on Tam on Strava. It is the original Mount Tam Hill Climb route/segment 3.3miles up and same exact route back down, including the end scramble near the top. This route comes to more than 100miles total with a little over 40,000ft of elevation gain. The idea came initially out of wanting to do a long and demanding effort on Tam. Everything less than 100miles was already done so this seemed like a good idea at the time. As additional motivation, I had already done about 185 ascents on Tam for the year 2020 and it seemed like a good idea to end the year with over 200 summits total. 

This is a route where a lot of people end up benefiting from using poles. However, I do better without poles and used them only on 2 rounds. 

The crew and pacers joined to support from midway round 6. So the first 5,5 rounds were completed solo, with the car parked on Summit Ave.Mill Valley, serving as aid station packed with water and food. The wonderful crew, Jessi Goldstein, was stationed in the middle of the route from around 2pm Friday, in the beginning of Temelpa trail off Summit Ave., meaning there was option to get food and water about every 3miles, both on the way up and back down for the last 10 rounds. 

The local running community was also very supportive and joined in to help pace and support, as the turnaround point to go back up is downtown Mill Valley there was almost always someone there to cheer on and give energy to continue. 

Mt. Tam is very close to the hearts of lot of runners from close and afar and for a good reason, it is absolutely beautiful and magical. Love you Mt. Tam.