FKT: Kathryn Burt, David Griffin - Leverick Bay to Hog Heaven Lookout (British Virgin Islands) - 2021-07-22

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 10m 15s
GPS track(s)

We feel so lucky to be able to travel to the beautiful British Virgin Islands despite the covid-19 pandemic. During our island hopping adventure on a Helia 44 catamaran called Salt Crush, we were excited to get on land, go for a run and explore the island of Virgin Gorda. We are both runners and sailors and excited to call this our first FKT together as a team. 

Tips for the route, run when you can & pace yourself. It's hot, humid and the views are beautiful so don't work so hard that you miss them. Unfortunately we didn't have our phones so we don't have any pictures (lightweight mode), and the Hog Heaven restaurant was closed so we couldn't go back to enjoy the view with a beer. We hope you get a lot of joy running this route! We did, and looking forward to someone getting a killer time for this one. 

Wildlife sightings included baby chickies, roosters, hens and goats, one of which was the wises goat we have ever seen. We named him Billy & dedicate our run to him.