FKT: Katie Nelson - Rush Creek Regional Trail (MN) - 2021-01-12

Route variation
one way
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Total time
1h 36m 53s
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I ran 10 miles from the Elm Creek Park Reserve to the Coon Rapids Dam. The place where I intended to park (the group campsite) was closed for the winter so I had to park at the trail access lot and walk to the start of the trail. The trail was groomed for skiing, which I didn't expect, so it made my first couple of miles slower. Eventually, it turned into a paved trail and the running got significantly easier. I had never been on this trail in the winter before so I had some trouble navigating and had to backtrack after some wrong turns. I used Gaia GPS and found it really helpful for staying on track. The last two miles there weren't crossroads and I was able to pick up my pace. I carried water and pinole for fuel in my hydration pack.