FKT: Katie O'Regan - Blue Hills Skyline Trail (MA) - 2022-04-16

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 7m 45s
GPS track(s)

Looks like Strava lost my Garmin file, so glad I used my phone for backup. This was rough. A lot of people said this route is rocky and it is truly rocks on rocks with some very steep climbs. Got turned around at mile 2, but looped back to where I went off trail and got back on the blazes so I didn't miss any of the route. The vert felt ok, but feet were getting chewed up towards the end.  Had some serious Escarpment vibes. Had about 8oz water and 8oz tailwind and needed it as it was a bit warmer than usual and sunny towards the end. Forgot my fruit snacks though ?

The gps track upload is from my phone, which is a bit delayed/longer than my watch because I started the app first and stuffed it in my pack before starting my watch, but my garmin file seems stuck on their server.  See photo of garmin data from app, which was from parking lot edge to where the trail ends at the guardrail and back to parking lot edge in 3:07:45. Thankful I had the app for backup!