FKT: Katie O'Regan - Scott Farm to Doyle Hotel on the AT (PA) - 2022-02-19

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 29m 28s
GPS track(s)

Established the one way time for Scott Farm to the Doyle Hotel on 2/19/2022.  Started at the Scott Farm AT center just after 9am, started watch in the driveway.  Chilly day after some freeze/thaw left the first couple miles frozen and rutted mud. Hit the first climb feeling pretty good and made good time down the backside of the mountain. Running through the valley was beautiful and uneventful. Felt good going up the main climb up the "elbow" of Cove Mt, but tripped and fell pretty hard just after the climb leveled out at mile 8.2.  That shook me a bit and I had to walk it off.  Ran the rest of the ridge pretty cautiously until I hit some smoother sections around mile 11. The descent from Hawk Rock was mostly clear of ice, thankfully, but that last little climb before the final AT descent was pretty demoralizing.  Had enough in the tank to close well on the last mile on the road.