Route: Scott Farm to Doyle Hotel on the AT (PA)

Pennsylvania, US
24 km
Vertical Gain
750 m

Milt Splik proposed this section as an FKT route:

From the Scott Farm AT Center near Carlisle, PA to the Doyle Hotel in Duncannon, PA is about 15 miles. So, a round trip is in the neighborhood of 30 miles. I've done this hike several times, and will now establish it as a section for tracking the FKT. 

I think the proper way to do this section is to eat a burger and drink a beer at the Doyle Hotel before heading back to the starting point at Scott Farm, but others may not want to have their time dependent on the speed of service at the Doyle.

Next time I do this section (which should be in June) I will post my time (which won't be very fast) to establish a baseline FKT.


40.3902925, -77.0304404


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Hey anyone who is paying attention:  any thoughts on the official direction for the one way route?  I'm interested in starting at the Doyle, but Milt did say "from Scott Farm..." Elevation gain looks about the same.

im going to go after this fkt tomorrow july 3