FKT: Katie Schide - White Mountains Hut Traverse (NH) - 2019-07-25

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Standard Traverse
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12h 23m 6s

Amazing day in the best place!

This was my 4th Hut Traverse, though my first as a non-croo member. My first traverse in 2011 took me ~24 hrs. My partner Germain Grangier accompanied me for the whole day and it was his first time at 6 of the huts and on most of the trails. Though we currently live in the Alps, he is now a White Mountain convert. 

Had a great dinner at Carter Notch Hut the night before, thanks Kyler for the black bean burgers and the whole croo for tolerating our group! Started from the hut at 6:44 am after some sugarhouse pancakes made by Lucy. To my amazement, we didn't get lost on the Madison Gulf Trail and made it to Madison and the northern Presi ridge relatively unscathed, just covered in spiderwebs. Hugged some friends at Lakes of the Clouds and picked up Megan Farrell who joined us until route 302. From there until the Lafayette treeline is a blur of horseflies, mud, awkward footing, and no views. Garfield is still incredibly annoying. Then we were greeted by Andrew Drummond (photos) and Squall (the dog) who chased us down past Greenleaf and to the Lafayette Place Campground. The Lonesome Lake bog bridges felt as wonderful as ever and Germain and I finished to a crowd of friends and hut guests in 12:23. Also Thursday is now lasagna night.

Thanks to the whole hut community for the encouragement and love. I'm so grateful to have spent 4 summers in this place and it made me really happy to see new faces in the kitchens, excited about Tang and trails and stressing over pancake recipes. 

Katie Schide
FLEA 11, HAUS 12 & 13, LKS 14, Goofer for life