FKT: Katie Todd - Mt Tecumseh (NH) - 2015-02-28

Route variation
round trip
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 16m 34s

I went back to Tecumseh today and finished it in 1:16.

Here's the trip on Strava: 

I'm working on uploading the gpx file from a watch, too. It indicates a total time of 1:16:34, with 53:29 up and 23:04 down. 

Things are melting quickly, so a lot more rock will be showing on this route in a few weeks!


Note that previously Todd had done the route in 1h24m (accompanied):

"Today my husband and I hiked/ran Mt. Tecumseh from Waterville Valley in 1:24, and I was curious what the women's FKT was?

Here's our trip:

It looks like the men's FKT is 59:05 (…)

For women, I've found a couple:

2:00 (
2:51 (

Strava lists the fastest women's time as 1:28 elapsed (

Does anyone know of others?

I hope to attempt it again on 2/28."