Route: Mt Tecumseh (NH)

New Hampshire, US
4.4 mi

Mount Tecumseh is a 4,003 foot mountain in the Sandwich Range of the White Mountains. It is the shortest mountain on the AMC's official 4,000 footers list.

The mountain is named after the Native American Tribe, Shawnee, leader of Tecumseh. Waterville Valley Ski Resort, one of the largest ski areas in New Hampshire, is on Mount Tecumseh. Many hikers choose to ascend the Mt. Tecumseh Trail and descend the Sosman Trail for 0.6 miles, then follow the ski trails the rest of the way down.

There are Strava segments for the ascent and the descent.  Times listed below are round trip.

GPS Track


Significantly different course when it's a snow packed highway. Recommend attempting without snow to enjoy the challenge of technicality and strength the whites have to offer.