FKT: Keely Henninger - Joshua Tree Traverse (CA) - 2022-12-21

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 42m 12s
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Wow! What a day.  I was feeling sick leading up to this so I decided I would start it and see how the day went! I started at the Black Rock Campground around 8:51 am on Wednesday 10/21 with my friends Heidi and Rae and pack with 2 flasks and some gels planning for a supported day! I started off solo with the plan to see them at mile ~20! The terrain until 20 was breathtaking with the majority of the climbing and rockier trails in the middle.  It started off with a lot of sand and I kept the pace easy, taking in the views and eating some gels.  I got to mile 20 and my crew chief was nowhere to be found, but luckily Rae was there and was able to run with me for ~3 miles and give me a little bit of water.  I hoped by mile 30 I would be able to get more gels and water from my crew, but unfortunately at mile 30 I could not find them either.  Thankfully a lovely lady gave me some water to get me to the end.  I kept the final descent conserved so that I didn't run out of water or bonk from lack of calories, but because I started off pretty conserved, I was able to run pretty fast! The final section is definitely a lot more flowy than I thought and was excited that I had some backup calories I found in my pack.  My crew made it to the end, overly apologizing for the skipped spots due to no service and no GPS.  All was forgiven and the day was celebrated! This trail is so very beautiful and really fun to run. The temps were amazing and barely over 65F and I only saw 2 other runners out! I finished at the North end of the park around 1:32 pm in 4:41:42, but i forget double check that my watch was stopped, so the total elapsed ended up being 4:42:12 by the time I stopped it. I think another gal can go out there and run sub 4:35! Look forward to seeing this lowered again. Big thanks to Clare G for setting the standard on a super hot day- it was fun to chase your time!