FKT: Keilynn Alicea - Cadillac Mountain (Acadia NP, ME) - 2023-10-02

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North Ridge Ascent
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1h 5m 0s

This submission is part of my personal project, the Atlantic States Seaboard Tour where I attempted an FKT route in each state, on back-to-back days. There are 14 contiguous states that follow the Atlantic Coast Shoreline: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

A full trip report will be posted on within one week.

On 10/2 at 9:23am I climbed the Cadillac Mountain ascent via the North Ridge Trail in Acadia National Park It was a very hot day with many tourists on the mountain. It took me 44:23 to ascend to the Cadillac Mountain Overlook (see gpx file). It was very difficult to find the USGS marker on the summit. I was advised that the USGS marker is just past the Gift Shop on the Middle Peak Mountain Road trail. Specifically, the marker is located 6 feet from the USGS marker directly on the trail. I arrived at that 2nd marker at 10:28am (see details on USGS marker picture). Time from trailhead to USGS marker is 1 hour and 5 minutes.

* Please note that it appears the directions for the North Ridge Ascent leave out a significant detail that the USGS marker is not located on the north ridge trail, but on the Middle Peak Mountain Road Trail.


Day 1 September 23, 2023 Florida: Shark Valley Everglades National Park Loop *It’s National Park’s Day!

Day 2 September 24, 2023 Georgia: Yonah Mountain, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

Day 3 September 25, 2023 South Carolina: Arthur Ravenel Bridge

Day 4 September 26, 2023 North Carolina: Looking Glass Rock Trail Ascent

Day 5: September 27, 2023 Virginia: Big Schloss

Day 6 September 28, 2023 Maryland: Capitol Crescent Trail

Day 7 September 29, 2023 Delaware: First State National Park

Day 8: September 30, 2023 New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts: Tri-State Tri-Mountain Loop *stormed off mountain, dnf

Day 9: October 1, 2023 Rhode Island: Newport Cliff Walk

Day 10 October 2, 2023 Maine: Cadillac Mountain Ascent, Acadia National Park

Day 10 October 2, 2023 New Hampshire: Peter Trail, White Mountain National Forest *pending route

Day 11 October 3, 2023 New Jersey: Sandy Hook, Gateway National Recreation Area established