Route: Cadillac Mountain (Acadia NP, ME)

Maine, US
11.8 mi
Vertical Gain
2,900 ft

Cadillac Doubleback:  An unknown poster set the route:

Easy one to beat! "Cadillac Doubleback" Acadia NP cadillac entrance on 233 to kebo mtn trail to north ridge trail to cadillac summit to south ridge trail to route 3 and back. approx 3000' elevation gain. approx 12 mi (I have an old garmin 305, doesn't measure distance with elevation well). Did today with icy conditions on north ridge in 2hrs 37mins.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This route begins at the parking lot off of Eagle Lake Road/Route 233 and NOT at the trailhead. The FKT is intended to be car-to-car for anyone who is driving there regardless of the time of year, as the entrance is closed in winter.   

Here's garmin connect data on the above:

North Ridge:  Starts at the Cadillac North Ridge TH on the Park Loop Road, to the USGS marker on the summit (across the parking lot), take the wide path just left of the Cadillac Summit Center easily uphill for 100 yards. You’ll find the tiny bronze summit survey marker on top of a rock shelf 20 feet off the trail to the right.