FKT: Keith Laverty - Dosewallips River Trail - East Fork Quinault River Trail (WA) - 2021-08-08

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 22m 45s

First time to Anderson Pass and the truly peaceful Enchanted Valley!
Pretty ideal conditions overall and never felt too hot. A lot of back and forth between windy, darker, damp, haunted feeling sections and sunny, open sky, open mountain sections. Several dozen friendly backpackers going in both directions.
Another great training run and time on feet for the buildup toward my first 100-mile attempt in September. Kept this run fairly relaxed, took photos (38 to be exact!) and enjoyed this precious trail and landscape. I started to press the effort a little harder sometime after the chalet, with about 12-13 miles to go, and to try for a strong finish. I could see this time being lowered by several minutes or maybe even sub-6 in the near future. Deceptively tough in some sections with moderately technical or just slower-going tighter turns, mud, and some overgrowth. Other sections were a smooth, runnable singletrack. Awesome point-to-point route!

Used my water filter cap at about 3-4 creek crossings, along with Skratch Labs hydration mix in my other flask. Used primarily Spring Energy gels, in addition to some chews from Honey Stinger + Skratch Labs.