FKT: Keith Nadeau - Battle Road Trail (MA) - 2021-11-19

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2h 3m 54s

Usually I plan these attempts out more in advance, but this day I got out of work early and decided to find something close by and have a go! I never knew about these areas and the historical events that occurred. The restored houses and memorials along the way really give a sense of what happened here and you can feel it as you run through. The first part of the run is so beautiful flowing through manicured dirt trail and multiple historic sites. I eased into the first mile or so and then got into a nice groove. After cruising the next road sections and getting onto the rail trail I had found a great rhythm and was on cruise control all the way to the end of the bike path. Then after some road it was into the trails again where I had some trouble staying on route. I think I got off course and had to backtrack maybe 3 times total. Nothing too bad but even a small turn around isn’t ideal while trying to move fast. I was happy with the run already so I took it a bit easier for the last 3 miles. The terrain was harder, my legs were starting to feel it, and I didn’t want to push too hard as this was still only two weeks after running over 90 miles at White Lake Ultra. I took some deep breathes and enjoyed the last miles, feeling so grateful for the experience. I’m thinking of returning to this route someday when I can put down a hard effort and see what I can do!