FKT: Keith Robson - Tyne and Wear Heritage Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-04-23

Route variation
Standard loop
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
13h 40m 44s
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A fantastic day out in my home county 

It was a fresh clear start at South Shields starting my run at 6:18am and the weather soon picked up in what turned out to be a very warm day 

I was joined all along the route by my great friend Mark Richardson who had very kindly agreed to crew for me all day 

The first 25 miles went very well and I arrived slightly earlier than planned to meet my first pacer at Eighton Banks, the evergreen local legend Glenn Kilday, who guided me seamlessly through the fantastic Beamish and Causey section of the route - the only part that I hadn't previously reccied 

Mark then joined us on the route and took over pacing duties from Glenn over the toughest section of the course through Barlow and Coalburns dropping down to Wylam before picking up a good pace through to Newburn 

I then left Mark at Newburn with plans to meet again on the final coastal stretch, and carried on solo for the remainder of the route. Water supply was very low during this stretch but I was now very much on familar home territory and pushed on through to Seaton Sluice and turned along the coast for the final section. I met up with Mark near Spanish City and he kept me moving well to the finish 

A long day out, certainly tough in places, but highly enjoyable. It was nice to discover some new local areas, Beamish Woods in particular was especially pleasant 

Massive thanks again to Mark & Glenn, without you both I couldn't have done this, Mark especially to give up a whole day for this. Fantastic mates and I really appreciate everything so much