FKT: Kela Fetters - Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO) - 2019-02-04

Route variation
Standard Point-Point
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Finish date
Total time
4h 25m 4s
GPS track(s)

From South Mesa TH on Mesa Trail to Shadow Canyon, left up to South Boulder Peak, back down and across to Bear Peak, down to Beak Peak West Ridge. On to Green-Bear up to Green Mountain and down on the Ranger Trail to the Gregory Canyon Junction. Take a left and head up to tap Flagstaff Mountain true summit on Ute Trail, take Ute Trail back down to intersection with Flagstaff Trail to Panorama Point area, then take Viewpoint Trail to its end and follow road to Eben G Fine park. Cross underpass and run through Red Rocks trail area to drop into Centennial Trailhead parking area. Take Sanitas main ridge trail, then descend via Sanitas Valley.

Unfortunately, Strava seems to have malfunctioned around mile 11 on the Flagstaff Trail Descent, but I believe the time is accurate because that segment is commensurate with my downhilling speed and other women of similar speed have ran this segment faster than reported on my .gpx file. There is no other way to go down this segment than the winding switchbacks that are the Flagstaff Trail Descent.