FKT: Kelly Halpin - Superstition Ridgeline (AZ) - 2024-01-13

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 11m 39s

IMPORTANT NOTE: There seems to be some ambiguity of where the FKT should start/stop. My time from where the other FKTs start/stop and where the actual Siphon Draw trail begins from the paved campground road is 08:11:39. My time from the Siphon Draw day use parking is 08:20:52. I'm pretty torn about where it SHOULD begin and end as the additional milage (1/2 to 3/4 mile?) from the day use area seems unnecessary as you connect to the campground anyway however maybe it's best to have future efforts go from the day use area? I downloaded my gpx files for both options and both are included on here. 

Trip report: I had not intended to try for the overall out&back FKT but to establish an unsupported out&back time. I knew water would be scarce to non existent on the ridge so I filled three 500 ml soft flasks and brought one 33oz box of coconut water (I had traveled to AZ with limited gear and did not bring a large water reservoir). I started out from the Siphon day use area around 7:07am. It was about 34 degrees when I began and I knew there would be recent snow on the north aspects up high. I reached the Siphon Draw trail from the paved campground road about 5 minutes later where the other FKT efforts began. Had a lovely climb up the draw towards the Flat Iron even though my pack was weighed down with fluids. Sunlight was hitting the ridge once I reached the top and I began traversing the ridge. I made one bigger navigational error about halfway through to Carney when I missed the trail and scrambled through the rocks up high. Had to do an unnecessary schwack through cactus and shrubs and a down climb which cost me almost 20 minutes. Ooopsies. The rest of way to Carney was smooth, even through the fresh snow. Temps were quite warm when I reached the Carney parking lot about 4 hrs and 11 min after I left the Siphon day use parking lot. I turned around and climbed back up immediately so I wouldn’t second guess the out and back effort. I made much better time on the return trip with only half the weight and no navigational errors. The gully back down Siphon was fairly packed with people but I made decent time. I got back to the paved campground at the end of the Siphon Draw trail around 3:23pm. I made it back to the day use area where I parked at 3:29pm. Really fun ridge and fun surprise to get the overall out&back even as an unsupported effort. I would love to return and try for a one way FKT in the future.