FKT: Kelly MacDonald - Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth Branch (NY) - 2021-04-24

Route variation
Standard Point-Point
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Total time
4h 54m 19s

I started this route a bit sleep-deprived, stressed, and on tired legs, but couldn't pass up a rare opportunity to run a nice point to point route when my mom decided to visit the finger lakes and I had transportation to the start and finish. The weather was mild, and trail conditions were decent, with a few very muddy patches but long stretches of dry, runnable trail. I took my time the first few miles to make sure I got on the trail without detours and to enjoy the fews before the trail veered inland, away from the gorge. Trout lilies were just starting to bloom but otherwise the route was brown, aside from a few groves of evergreens, but I expect it will be beautiful later in the spring. As others have noted, the first few miles and the last 6 or so do require a bit more attention to navigation, but most of the route is simple and well-marked with yellow blazes. My GPS was inaccurate for miles 20-23, making the total distance much closer to the 25-26 miles listed in the route description than to the 27.8 miles on my Strava file. I carried a full 3 liters of water (expecting I could take up to 6 or more hours to finish, based on my fitness level and how I felt), but used only 2.5 and could have filtered from the scattered streams if necessary (though there may be less access to water during dry spells--many of the streams were small). Overall this is a great route--many thanks to Jamie for posting it!