FKT: Kelly MacDonald - Green Lakes Perimeter (NY) - 2021-03-20

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1h 37m 41s
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This is a nice, highly runnable route in a beautiful state park. The small parking area at the trailhead doesn't have a restroom and is too highly trafficked to use the forest, so I found myself wishing I'd stopped at a gas station on the drive down. Temperatures were in the 20s when I began but warmed up enough to start thawing the mud by the end of my run. There were still some sections of thick sheet ice, but the main limiting factor in my pace today was navigation. Most, but not all, of the trails are marked, and I soon found myself stopping at most of the numerous intersections and running with my phone map in hand after overshooting a turn in the early miles and getting confused in the powerline area, where the route turns onto a small, unmarked bike path. Overall, it was a beautiful day out, and though my legs were stiff and rusty in my first trail run of the year today, I was happy to get out in the small window between winter and mud season! With more course familiarity and good trail conditions, this will be a very fast loop.