Route: Green Lakes Perimeter (NY)

Submitted by Qball on Fri, 01/22/2021 - 01:15pm
New York, US
11 mi
Vertical Gain
1,282 ft

My favorite route to run at Green Lakes State Park, a NYS hidden gem.  You'll run through Old Growth forest, classic upland forest, through expansive meadows/grasslands with distant views and of course, by the parks two stunning glacial lakes, for which the park is named. Park (free) at the small parking area off of Route 290 (aka Green Lakes Rd) just after the intersection of Route 290 and N Manlius St. Google maps has this parking lot marked as 'Green Lakes Perimeter Trail'. Start/stop your run and watch at the fence (purple trail). I went counterclockwise on this route. There is no overlap at all on this route except the connector trail at the beginning/end of this route (about .2 miles in length). Start by going up the hill on the purple trail for approximately .2 miles. Here the route splits, continue right on the purple trail. Just a few spots to clarify that may be tricky if you aren't familiar with GLSP: once you get to Green Lake's (the second, larger one, on this route in this direction) North end beach area, stay on the paved trail around the North end. Right before you get to the Environmental Center Building (formerly the old Boat House) on your left take the walking path to the right and follow the signs to the 'Park Office'. Once you reach the Park Office take a left into the small parking lot and follow the short drive up to the service road. Make a right on said service road and then a quick left back onto the trail. The rest is fairly straight forward with the route I have uploaded, follow that and you'll be all set. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife. The upper meadows/grasslands are actually a Bird Conservation Area and you will likely see deer along this route too. I've also seen coyotes, turkeys, owls and snakes. This route is fairly remote, save for the section around the lake, which is why I like it. The route is almost entirely on dirt trail except around the beach area and park office/main entry area. This is where the majority of people gravitate. Hope you enjoy this route as much as I do.  

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