FKT: Kelly MacDonald - Winona State Forest (NY) - 2020-06-20

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Standard loop
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Total time
5h 15m 23s
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I was so excited to see a local FKT that I impulsively ran the route as soon as I could, though in retrospect this route is best reserved for fall. While this is a great route that showcases the varied and beautiful trails of Winona, the flies are awful here in early summer, and the heat and lack of good water sources makes this a difficult unsupported summer run (I started with 3.5+ liters of water and still ran out). This time is pretty soft but I'm still posting it to add some data about the route, since navigating it can be difficult. Most of the crossroads and turns are marked with signs, but several key turns are not, and the original gpx track listed on the site is off in a few tricky areas. When there was some discrepancy between my route and the gpx track, I did my best to follow the route marked on the map posted in the FKT description. I added some mileage from backtracking due to second-guessing myself and running by turns, but I do believe the true mileage and vertical gain are a bit higher than what is listed in the route description. Ideally, I would recommend going into this route with a map, turn sheet, and gpx track. A single navigation method may not be enough, since Winona has quite a few trails/roads that don't necessarily show up on maps or phone apps, and they're not always marked.