FKT: Kelsey Takeuchi, Brigette Takeuchi - Teton Crest Trail (WY) - 2022-09-09

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7h 58m 12s
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Brigette and I started at the Philips Pass trailhead around 8 am. We had planned on heading to the winds to throw down an effort on Fremont Peak, but decided to sleep in and stay closer to home. We thought we’d start running along the crest trail and assess our chances at snagging the fkt as the day progressed. We packed water filters, some homemade gels (which were terrible), some twinkies and donuts and salt tablets. We stopped 4-5 times to fill water when we passed lakes and streams. We made good time to lake solitude and Brigette crushed the divide and waited for me at the top for 20 min. We ran down together and ended at the Jenny Lake trailhead around 4 pm. It was a beautiful day in the Tetons and we were happy with a solid effort without tapping into reserves.