FKT: Ken Posner - Long Path (NY) - 2013-09-03

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9d 3h 6m

On September 3, 2013 at 11:20 AM I completed the Long Path, a 350-mile hiking trail from NYC to Albany NY, in 9 days 3 hours 6 minutes, which I believe to be the new Fastest Known Time for this trail.

I had announced that I would run the Long Path on a self-supported basis and did so through mile 300.  However, at that point it became clear that my food caches were insufficient and I received assistance from spouse and friends with resupply of food, clothing, and supplies.  Therefore, this FKT is on a supported basis.

I encourage other trail runners and thru-hikers to take on the Long Path, as I found it to be a beautiful course with awesome views, a sense of history, and a mischievous personality.  The Long Path is meticulously blazed and documented online thanks to the staff and volunteers of the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference, and I had no major problems following it even at night and during bad weather.

GPS documentation together with selected photographs and other information available at

Ken has a short article about the Long Path and his trip in Hudson Valley Magazine