Route: Long Path (NY)

New York, US
358 mi
Vertical Gain
68,000 ft

Extending 358 miles from the 175th Street Subway Station in New York City to John Boyd Thacher State Park near Albany in New York, the Long Path Trail is a thread connecting many of New York's parks, preserves, and state forest land.

The Long Path is lovingly maintained by 250 Trail Conference volunteers and member groups. The Long Path Guide (5th edition; 2nd printing; 2005) is out of print, but we have made an online version available below.

The Catskill section of the Long Path is an 89-mile section of beautiful and rugged trail that runs north / south through the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Two well-known trail race courses, the Escarpment race (18 1/2 miles) and Manitous revenge (54 miles) share 60 miles of the Long Path trail. In total, it climbs 11 of the Catskill High Peaks (Over 3,500 feet) and travels a half a dozen smaller peaks, totaling approximately 25,000 feet of climbing. Only three roads intersect this nearly 90-mile section of trail. They are at about 23 miles, 34 miles and 60 miles. For a self-supported attempt, these are the logical locations to cache food and supplies.

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My buddy “moustachian” (Dustin) and I are going to give a go at the self-supported Long Path FKT starting June 1, 2018! I’m particularly psyched as I’ve been using the LP for part of my run-commute since moving here about two years ago. I’ve seen about half the trail and am eager to get a solid chunk of time to experience it in its entirety.

We’ll be heading southbound to home (and showers) in the city and documenting via SPOT at:…. In areas of reception we’ll throw photos on Twitter at:

Congratulations to Will Fortin and Dustin Smith for setting a new record for the Long Path, of roughly 8 1/2 days, on an unsupported basis, traveling north to south.

Here is the announcement by the NY-NJ Trail Conference, which created and maintains the Long Path:


Hi everyone,

Excited to share that I'll be giving a shot at the Long Path FKT! Setting off solo, self-supported (no outside help but will restock at stores) from Thacher on the morning of August 7th. Thrilled to spend a big block of time in the outdoors and so grateful to you, Will, Dustin and Ken for your encouragement and sharing your experiences - many thanks. You've set a high bar! Thanks as well, Andy, for sharing your insight and to all the work you and the Trail Conference put in for the Long Path - I am looking forward experiencing many new sections and all the highs and lows that come with it. 

Trees and reception permitting, will be tracking here: and sharing via twitter:

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Hello to everyone.
I am happy, and nervous, to announce that I will be setting out on September 11th from the southern terminus of the Long Path heading in the northern direction for the Fastest Known Time attempt. It will be a supported effort with crew along the entire attempt.  

I will be documenting this through the use of a Spot3 tracker,

And also pictures and notes will be provided through Twitter at


In addition to the Twitter account, there will be logging of updates and photos on Instagram, @jeffrunslong

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Hi all! I'll be going for the women's supported FKT this summer. I'm eying up a start date between July 6-8; will choose the start date as we get closer and have a weather forecast. Really looking forward to getting out there to experience this incredible trail!

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Hi, I'll be starting a supported atttempt this coming Saturday July 8th. I'll be heading southbound from John Thatcher State Park. I'll be sharing updates via Instagram: