FKT: Ken Zemach - Bruksleden 100 Miler (Sweden) - 2020-08-02

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1d 1h 42m 32s

See Strava link for some of the amazing photos of this beautiful area.

The main goal here was to just run 100 miles of something epic. THAT is complete. Stunning beautiful, running along remote lakes, fields of ripe wild blueberries (yum), and amazing single track.

As an FKT attempt, it may or may not get approved. There was one section where I followed the Bruksleden GPS track AND the orange markers:  Right after Ortjarnen to about 3/4 of the way to Storsjon.  But it turned out this section had been abandoned for a different section.  This could be seen in the downloadable map PDF.  But of course the map GPS is WRONG in another area, so it's hard to tell what to trust for the latest info. 

Both sections (the one I did and the new replacement) were about the same length, difficulty, etc. In my defense, it was a) a prior existing section b) there was no posting at the intersection that it had been changed (and there was one in the opposite direction when they met up!), and c) the orange stripes and dots had not been removed, which is something they DO do in other sections. Thus I came to the intersection, checked the GPS, and followed the obvious orange markings that are used to mark the route that were clearly visible.  Very frustrating.   So it isn't EXACTLY the currently-accepted route, but it is a small portion of it, effectively similar, and I'd argue meets the spirit of the route.   I leave this decision of whether or not to accept this to the FKT administrators!  If declined, I'm fine with that.  It was a great day out on the trails.

Note for people who would like to replicate:

1. I put 7 food and water drops at various locations. Contact me if you want the drop points. I put the food and medical in sealed glass storage food canisters from Ikea (Ikea "Korken"): learned that the hard way when animals ate all my food at a drop on a different route.  Then I buried the 2x 1.5L water containers and the Korkens under some leaves at each drop point.   Would be helpful for you to tie a flag or something to the tree where it is.  You'd be surprised how little you recall after running for 20 hours.

2. Parts of this route are REALLY hard to follow. Maybe only 5-7k total, but HARD. You should start this route super early in the morning and shoot to get through about 98km BEFORE DARK.  There is a 2km-ish section just before 100k point in there which is basically trail-less.  I got through that section at dusk, and even with light, it was nearly impossible to find the route. Use the GPS... map ain't gonna help you with this.

3. Love it. Take time to take pictures. This should be FUN. And it was. Super fun, although I was a wreck by the end. Very hard to motivate when you are not in a race and the only one out there!

Contact me if you have any questions or want tips to beat this.  I am SURE someone reasonably fast could go under 24h.