FKT: Kendra Goffredo - Sete Vales Suspensos / Seven Hanging Valley (Portugal) - 2023-01-25

Route variation
out & back
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Total time
1h 11m 24s

Fun route with amazing views. Perfect January weather. I echo what others say about the trail, that there are sections that aren't as clearly marked, but I was able to follow the GPX route on my phone and still figure it out. Also, it is a popular route and some sections are narrow, so patience is key when navigating around others. Many hikers, but I didn't see any other runners. Technical trail, though many of the big descents (and thus ascents) are on stable stairs. I ran in road shoes. An ideal fuel set up for me would have been a fuel belt with a bit of water/eats, but I ended up having to take my whole run pack along with me. (No car, house, or other place to store my phone charger, change of clothes, etc since I took a taxi from another town.) Wish I would have brought more snacks for afterwards. This time of year, there aren't any food options (snack bars, stores, etc) near the trail head. Enjoy!