Route: Sete Vales Suspensos / Seven Hanging Valley (Portugal)

Submitted by Miki Neant on Thu, 07/29/2021 - 07:19am
11.88 km
Vertical Gain
411 m

The seven hanging valleys trail follows a winding outlines of the cliffs, offering a unique  views of the coastal landscape. 

The trail extends about 5.7km between the Vale Centianes beach and Marina Beach, following almost unbroken line of the cliffs, interrupted only by water courses, most of which flow into the sea from above creating this Hanging Valleys.

Each Hanging Valleys was, in the distant past, associated with a river mouth and shows the effects of the intensive erosion that took place along the coastline as they were formed by a rapidly receding coastline that didn’t affect the watercourse.

The limestone cliffs along the shoreline, sculpted by the action of water over millions of years, are the predominant feature in the landscape, unfolding in imposing and remarkably beautiful relief, providing unique habitats for flora and fauna as well as marine birds and bats. 

The trail is classed as medium difficult, and advised to follow some precautions:

-Pay attention to the elements: strong winds, waves, rain and loose stones can cause falls. Look out for sink holes. And do not go near the edge of the cliffs.
-Do not stray beyond the paths, do not approach the bird’s nest during the mating season in the spring, do not explore the caves in spring and winter the hibernation and mating seasons for bats. 

In order for us to fully appreciate this gorgeous natural scenery, this route is to be explored “Out and Back”.