FKT: Kevin Hadfield - Fish n’ Owl Canyon Loop (UT) - 2021-03-19

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Standard Loop
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3h 38m 55s
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Went the opposite direction from the other listed runs... Down Owl and up Fish. Sandy and bushwhacky in many places but really mellow and easy to follow in others. I melted down in the heat... 10:30 start time was pretty dumb. Beautiful spot on the planet!

I’ve been wanting to get out to Cedar Mesa again for over a decade. The last time I was at the Fish and Owl TH was in 2006 and I was  evacuating a young girl who had been sick for 72 hours. I was working with a youth program out of Durango at the time... Running the loop was way more fun!


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Congratulations ? it is a beautiful canyon loop!

Oh hey ? thanks dude! On the way home from Utah, I randomly ended up listening to a podcast hosted by a friend’s brother and you were the guest. Great interview! Hopefully see you out there some day. Keep crushing ✌️?