FKT: Kevin McWilliams - Lower Foothills Traverse - 2023-09-02

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6h 20m 49s

The day and conditions for this run started out phenomenally.  However, within the first mile or two, I already made a couple wrong turns to add some mileage.  But I was still feeling strong and made it to the summit of Table Rock.  One thing I failed to realize is there was a balloon festival happening that day with lots of people hiking up the trail to get a view.  After descending and running the brief road section, I connected again to the trails.  After one more wrong turn and a little extra mileage, I got back on track and was relatively familiar with the trails after approximately the half-way point.  Up until now, the weather was overcast and comfortable (~70 degrees).  But at this point the clouds cleared and the temperature warmed up quite a bit.  The heat got to me more than it has in the past.  My stomach stopped tolerating much food and I was needing to conserve my water intake.  The last 12 miles or so were a mix of running and hiking.  The last hill coming out of Peggy's trail was an expected challenge.  After summiting that section, I pushed through Polecat and met my wife at the finish line for a ride back to my car.

This is a great way to see a lot of territory in the Boise Foothills.  I consumed 250 calories and 500 ml of water before starting.  During the run, I was only able to consume another 700 calories in the form of Gu and Laffy Taffy (should have brought more of these!).  I brought 3L of water and could have used another 1L but didn't have a great way to carry it.  I ran this alone without any pacers or support.  Thanks to Alex for submitting and initiating this route.  Good luck to the next runners.  I don't feel like doing it again soon, but I will likely try again in the future to fix some of my mistakes.