Route: Lower Foothills Traverse

Submitted by Alex Meyers on Sat, 07/09/2022 - 09:21pm
Idaho, US
28.7 mi
Vertical Gain
5,050 ft

The Lower Foothills Traverse is made up of some of the most popular trails in Boise just minutes from downtown. This trail starts at the bottom of the Tram Trail off E Warm Springs Avenue Road and finishes at the Polecat Loop trail parking lot off N Collister Dr. This traverse includes trails such as Ridge Crest, Freestone Ridge, Fat Tire Traverse, Corrals, Hard Guy, Dry Creek, Sweet Connie, Peggys, and Polecat Loop. 


*The Route starts once you touch or pass by the Tram Trail sign.

*The Route Ends once you touch or pass by the Polecat Loop sign.


3 main navigational points that I would like to describe with regards to the route.

  1. When exiting the Table Rock Quarry trail, one must continue on the short gravel path to the base of the cross and touch the cross monument. From there, turn around and continue on the furthest path to the right on the mesa's edge which will lead you to the Table Rock Trail. 
  2. When exiting the Shoshone Pauite Tribes Trail and merging onto the Shoshone Bannock Tribes Trail this will lead to a roundabout. From there, continue on E Hays Ct which turns into E Hays St, Left on N Haines St, Right on E Franklin St which turns into E Mckinley St, Right on N Avenue H, Left on E Reserve St, and turn Right on Mountain Cove Rd. Please note this is the only major road section of the traverse.
  3. When topping out on the 8th Street Motoryclyle ascent, take the furthest trail to the left. This path will lead to the lower parking lot which doesn't have a bathroom. Lastly, cross the 8th Street Extension and continue onto Corrals trail. 


Happy Trails!


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