FKT: Kevin Scott - Blue Mountain Trail (NJ) - 2021-05-01

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 10m 53s

This was part of the Thunder Chicken Squatch Trail Race put on by Sassquad Trail Running on 5/1/21 at Stokes State Forest in New Jersey.  The race began at the Kittle Field Day Use Area.  The initial 0.2 miles was on heading south on the Stony Brook Trail.  It then joined with the Blue Ridge Mountain Trail at Coursen Road to begin the FKT attempt at 00:00:02:45 into the race.  The loop was run in the counter clockwise direction. Completion of the loop occurred at the intersection of The Blue Mountain Trail with Coursen Road and Stony Brook trail at 00:02:13:38.  Total time for loop completion was 00:02:10:53.  

This does differ from previous FKTs in starting and finishing location of the loop.  It is also a supported attempt as it was part of a race with a water stop at approx mile 7.4 from the starting point of the FKT (as opposed to the race start) and another at mile 13.

As this was a race, I ran behind one other individual until about mile 3.3 of the loop when I took the lead and ran the remaining portion on my own.  I love this loop!  A great mix of terrain with lots of rocks and roots that require your attention, short steep climbs, long steady climbs, and pine-needle covered sections with a slight downhill grade where you can really open up your stride.  Plenty of water crossing as just have to decide if you're going to use stepping stones or plow through.  I had run this loop 3 times last year as part of a virtual race series and was excited to come back in slightly cooler weather.  Overall I felt great the entire race.  Consumed approximately 42oz Tailwind and Spring Gels (speednut with caffeine x1, awesome sauce x1, canaberry x1).