FKT: Kevin Tilton, Dave Dunham - Mt Katahdin (ME) - 2016-07-31

Route variation
Abol Trail, car-to-car
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 37m 32s

Tilton reported:

Not an all out FKT, but Dave Dunham and I ran the re-route of the Abol Trail this past Sunday (7/31/16). 1:41:56 to the summit, 3:37:32 round trip. Plenty of room in this one. Just a benchmark.

Dunham reported:

I don't see a FKT listed for the Abol Slide Trail and since the trail has recently been relocated (adding to the distance and making it a bit more run-able) I thought I'd post. Kevin Tilton and I ran it on 07/30/16.  We started and finished at the Tote road.  Up in 1:42 (then spent 18 minutes on the top) down in 1:37.  Total time round trip (including stopped time on top) 3:37:35. I bet Kevin or Ben Nephew could do the up in less than an hour (almost exactly 4 miles and 4,000' of climb) and probably under 2 hours for the round trip.

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