FKT: Kevin Tilton - Fall River Rd (RMNP, CO) - 2012-08-22

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1h 32m 25s

I'm guessing that someone has run this faster, but I thought I would put up my time as a benchmark. I ran from the stop sign at the Lawn Lake Trailhead to the stop sign at the Alpine Visitors Center in 1:32:25 on 08/22/12. This time includes a 6:11 stop while waiting for the road grading crew at one of the switchbacks. I also took a split at the gate at the beginning of the one-way dirt road section for those who may only do the dirt road part. I ran that section in 1:21:30 (including the stoppage time). I'm guessing someone more acclimated to the altitude can decimate this, especially without having to stop for the road crew!