FKT: Kiana Ramli - Yosemite Valley Loop (CA) - 2021-11-29

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3h 18m 22s
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This is one of my favorite trails in Yosemite! You get to run amongst many of the major waterfalls and granite monoliths in Yosemite Valley and if you hit it in the off-season (spring/late fall/winter) you skip all the crowds.

The trail has a variety of terrain including dirt, forest duff, paved bike paths, and more technical and rocky sections. If you've never done this trail before and are unfamiliar with The Valley, it can be tricky to keep at some points where the trail gets broken up by the road, other trails, bike paths, destinations, etc. The day I did this loop ended up being perfect cool temps with no snow on the ground and it was the Monday after Thanksgiving so hardly another soul around. I should've trained better and more specifically for this attempt as my focus lately has been on running steep, not long and flat, but happy regardless to score the time on this trail!