Route: Yosemite Valley Loop (CA)

California, US
20.7 mi

An extended, 20-mile trail loop in Yosemite Valley, spanning from the footbridge up Tenaya Creek near Snow Creek down to Pohona Bridge.  Note this is a bigger loop than the Yosemite Valley Loop Trail.

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I am going to go put down an effort on this tomorrow morning!

I suppose you would be hard pressed to find a more notably scenic trail run in the world, even if part of it is bike pathway. Just wish I was still in road runner shape. 


I am going to go beyond eating a slice of humble pie, and eat the whole pie. I was thinking that to be classic in Yosemite you had to be climbing something major! Boy, was I wrong! This was one of the most magical trail runs of my entire life. Every way you look you are beneath world-class waterfalls, world-class granite monoliths, and amazing mixture of technical and non-technical fast trail... there is such a mixture of lost in nature and route finding to not get off route. I loved it. Humble pie eaten.

Are you going back to reclaim this?! Might check this out although I think I'd need a year of training to get to your 1st attempt speed. :)