FKT: Kimo Clark, Kevin Garnier - Haleakala (HI) - 2021-11-19

Route variation
ascent from Kanaha Beach
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 50m 40s
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Epic route!  This is the shortest distance on paved roads from Kanaha to Haleakalā Summit!


We started out on the beach with our shoes in the sand as close to the water as possible without getting them wet.  


We couldn’t believe how amazing the weather was.  At 3am, the moon was full and bright and not a cloud in the sky!  As the sun came up, the mountain was clear with no fog or clouds.  Absolutely perfect conditions.  


The first 3 miles are pretty flat as you take the backroads behind the airport to the first traffic light.  The rest of the run is strictly incline with maybe .10 of downhill in a few dips.  Your legs will treasure every step of it.  


About mile 10, you cross the second and last traffic light.  From here on, the roads get narrower with less shoulder space. 


It’s crazy to see how far you’ve gone from mile 14!  The beach looks super far away and views just keep getting better!


There were a few turns that were super

tight with no shoulder and cars drive fast here.  By this time, the sun was starting to brighten up the roads but we were still super careful.  


Mile 16 and up are all switch backs.  Shoulder space is super limited but lots of cyclists going up and down the same roads.  Just have to keep alert for the blind corners.  


Doing an unsupported run, we were banking on the fact that the only public water fountain was at 7000 feet roughly 27 miles in.  


We both got to the ranger station completely out of water!  That stop was heaven on earth.  Bathrooms, filtered water, a place to sit in the shade and a scenic view!


The last 10 miles is where the run really starts.  I started feeling the elevation at 5,000 feet.  I could jog for short distances but then I’d get winded super fast.  It just got harder the higher you go.  


From 9000 feet up, I got a good rhythm of walking/jogging.  As you see the summit get closer, you feel energized and amazed when you look down the mountain to where the beach is!


Of course a climb like this wouldn’t be complete without the last 1/2 mile being the steepest on the whole route.  I felt like I was hiking to get to the top even though the roads were paved.  


Coming up those stairs to reach the highest point on Maui was amazing!!!

Had a wonderful adventure with perfect conditions and great company.  What more could you ask for?