FKT: Kipley Fiebig - Bay to Mt Umunhum (CA) - 2021-06-12

Route variation
Umunhum to Bay
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 4m 12s
GPS track(s)

There's some construction at the top of the mountain, but it doesn't interfere with the FKT route.  Started at 5:27pm, and had an easy descent to make it off the mountain trails and onto the roads in under three hours.  Then my lack of distance training caught up to me, and I had slow slog over the remaining paved section across San Jose.  So at the moment I own the FKT for this course in both directions, but because I was in much better shape last year my record for the ascent is faster than my record the descent.  So this is an easy mark for someone else to beat... come on out and beat it!

Ran the event unsupported.  Carried everything I needed in my 100oz Camelback and did not resupply with anything on the course. 

Full race report at: