FKT: Kipley Fiebig - San Dieguito River Trail (CA) - 2020-07-03

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6h 7m 21s
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This is a beautiful FKT course, mostly trails.  I ran this course fully unsupported, carrying all my food and water for the trip in my pack, without resupplying on course.  Note that the course can NOT be run exactly as shown on the FKT website (as posted on May 15, 2020), as there are several sections where the trail does not quite exist as advertised.  Or it goes over fences onto private property.  Huge thanks to Steve Green for trailblazing the initial FKT, as he figured out decent detours for most of the problematic sections of the route that don't fully exist yet.  The route I took followed an amalgamation of the original posted FKT route, and Steve Green's route.  Whenever possible I always choose to follow trails instead of the parallel roads.

For anyone else that intends to attempt this FKT, I'll be writing up a full race report that describes all the problematic sections and detours in depth.  It will be posted (in a couple of days) at:


Great Job, Kipley! Your race report was great and I appreciate the shout out to my route and your improvements upon it. I definitely lost time trying to connect some of the dots and backtracked a few times as you noticed and mentioned in your report. I definitely missed the hole in the fence that you found.  Because of some of my reroutes, I ended up at almost 32 miles before actually hitting the end of the route.  I plan to try again in September/October when the weather cools down and follow the improvements from the routes you and Allen posted. 

Best Wishes,