FKT: Kirsten Casey, John Knox - Dosewallips River Trail - East Fork Quinault River Trail (WA) - 2021-08-07

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 43m 39s
GPS track(s)

John Knox and I set off on this FKT attempt a little after 6:30am excited to see what our our old legs could do! John is 65 and I'm 42 making our combined age 107 which we both LOVE. I met John years ago at running club and really enjoy his company so it made the day extra special. John mowed through the first 16 miles like it was nothing but started cramping when we got to the top of Anderson Pass. He hung in there and held a steady pace until the cramping got real bad and we walked the last few miles in because we felt our time was pretty solid. It dumped rain on us all day, but I always appreciate when the Universe makes us "earn" it a little more. John's sweet daughter was waiting for us at the end to take us home. Wonderful day!