FKT: Kiudamliu Gangmei - The Nilgai City Trail | CapitalTrails RC (India) - 2023-12-02

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 23m 35s

It is a beautiful and not so difficult trail. I ran with another friend and we enjoyed the trails. We encountered road blockages but we worked it out. Running through the villages and slum was something in itself. Buying ticket to go through Tuglakabad Fort was a different kind of challenge. There were monkeys in some section of the trails but they were ok till another person came in a car to feed them. At the same time, we were opening our energy bar and when they heard the crackling sound of the bar, some monkeys tried to come so close to us so we had to immediately hide the energy bars.

Some stray dogs barked and growled at us but nothing unfortunate happened.

Overall, it’s a good trail and I would love to do this again but in a bigger group.