FKT: Kobe Blondeel - GR 129 (Belgium) - 2022-03-26

Route variation
Old version - point-to-point
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Total time
5d 3h 38m 0s

I ran across Belgium in 5 days 3 hours and 38 minutes.

I was crewed along this journey by Nick Cusseneers and Jonas Boury and was lucky enough to have many friends run alongside me.

Jonas and Nick took care of me in every way imaginable. From putting up the tent to preparing food and from going to the store to providing emotional support. All I had to do was run.

It was an amazing adventure that was brutally honest in pointing me to my current limitations.

My knee started hurting badly on day 3 when we ran in the parking lot of the abbey of Maredsous.

Unsure if it made sense to continue, Klaas convinced me to not draw any forgone conclusions.

I'm glad I didn't because even with a stinging feeling in my right knee with every step I took I managed to find my way to Arlon a couple of days later.

It was an amazing, yet painful adventure. But somehow I feel it wasn't the only time I'm going to be running this one.


NB: The route was shortly different from the original south of Chanly not going over the hill but following the river. Unclear if this is a permanent re-routing.