FKT: Kolton Williams - Cascade Trail: Sedro Woolley - Concrete (WA) - 2022-11-05

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One way
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3h 14m 47s
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FKT attempt on a popular trail. It was windy and cold, but sunny. Even if you've never been on it, the trail is wide, almost entirely gravel, and easy enough to follow. On a clear day you can see excellent views of the foothills just below the Cascade Mountains. Just before you reach the small town of Lyman, you sidle up next to the Skagit River, which is strong and flowing during the rainy season. The giveaway that you're close to Concrete is when the trail is dozens of feet above Highway 20, and in between trees you can see down to the road. The finish is at a small, unassuming parking lot next to the Concrete Community Center.


The start of the trail is a popular spot for walkers, bikers, and runners. The farther east you travel, the fewer people you'll see. Around 4 miles in the trail was completely washed out. I probably walked 0.10-0.12 mile in flowing ankle deep water. After that, the trail was clear except for a few fallen trees and some large branches that were presumably downed during a storm we had this week. A touch past 12 miles (2 miles east of Hamilton) was the first of two detours where the trail was completely washed out as you cross Alder Creek, which requires you to use the Highway 20 bridge instead of the trail bridge. At 15 miles or so it was the same story: there is a small detour at Grandy Creek, where you cross Baker Lake Road and hop onto Highway 20 for a quick minute, but this bridge had a sidewalk. The trail picks up again at Bird Dog Lane. Crossing the creek that feeds into Hurn Field (between miles 18 and 19) was a little dicey, but it didn't require and reroutes or detours. Just be careful if it's muddy. At mile 20 the trail forks and comes back together in less than a quarter mile. Coming in to the finish, I ran just a touch beyond the Concrete Center sign, and doubled back to my ride.

I carried 24oz of water, but wish I'd brought more. The wind dehydrated me and I underestimated that. If you have proper filtration there's plenty of spots to drink. I didn't consume very many calories on the run, a few gels and some candy. I ran unsupported and met my wife & daughter at Act One ice cream afterwards. Overall, 10/10 would recommend this trail. It's flat and fast, and I'm certain it's only a matter of time before someone comes along and puts up a much better time than I did. Maybe in the future we'll see some out and back attempts as well.