FKT: Kristen Meadors - Bartram Trail (NC, GA) - 2021-02-28

Route variation
Georgia Only
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Total time
7h 35m 33s
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I've been wanting to do this run for awhile and was happy to complete it on 2/28/21!  The weather was perfect even though the humidity was high and I was running in the clouds/fog for the majority of the first 15 miles.  I fell and scraped up my knees coming into Warwoman Dell and then went about a mile off the trail just above Warwoman Dell.  Shortly after that the GPS on my Coros watch stopped tracking my course but continued to record my pace/distance.  I didn't realize this until I got home that night to download the data.  Near the Chattooga River, I had to cross a creek up to my ankles where a bridge was out, which added to the excitement of the day!  I enjoyed the solitude of the run and look forward to doing it again as well as attempting the North Carolina section.  I highly recommend the Bartram Trail for anyone looking for a run/hike that is not heavily traveled but very well maintained and provides a beautiful adventure with varying terrain.  Here is a more detailed trip report of my run.