FKT: Kyle Carson, Jace Hinesley - Rogue River Trail (OR) - 2018-10-20

Route variation
One way
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6h 13m 40s
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This is a trail that cuts through Rogue River Wild and Scenic, and the Rogue River Wilderness on the north shore of the Rogue At Grave Creek, on the South side of the river, there is a short out-and back hike to Raney Falls. The view of the falls is much more impressive from that side than from the north The Rogue River itself is closed to motorized boats from Grave Creek to Blossom Bar rapids. Below Foster Bar the River is open to motorized boats but the bordering land is Wilderness. The river is popular with rafters, kayakers, and drift boaters. There is year round salmon and steelhead fishing. Hikers share campsites with boaters. There are restrictions on fire usage. There is a popular day hike to Whiskey Creek, 3.3 miles one way from the trail head. Whiskey Creek has an old Gold Miner's cabin. It is possible to drive to a spot above Whiskey Creek and make a steep hike down to the cabin; it is far less enjoyable than the river trail There are currently (2013) 3 lodges operating on this trail - Black Bar Lodge, Paradise Lodge, and Marial Lodge. Some people hike this route with day packs and get food and lodging from the lodges. At Black Bar you need to ring their bell for someone to come to row you across. Some people float down the river and hike the approx. 40 miles back

We aimed for a 7am start but left just after 7 for first light to hit. Officially started at 712am and only stopping to fill our water bottles from the streams. Official running time: 6:12:04. Epic Trail and hopefully this will spark some interest in the area!! [note that Strava shows 6:13:40 elapsed time]