FKT: Kyle Richardson - Third Flatiron (Boulder, CO) - 2019-10-09

Route variation
Standard East Face, TH-to-TH
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
30m 26s

A couple photos on Strava. Set in the final stage of the "Tour de Flatirons", and informal (and illegal) "race" that takes place each fall.

"New FKT: 30m 26s
13m 24s to the East Bench
6m 58s scramble (20m 22s to the summit)
10m 5s descent including the rappel
What an amazing race! This has been an outstanding year in terms of stages. Bill [Wright] did an excellent job...he always does! I love devoting my fall to Satan. Super ominous weather before the stage. Winds starting picking up and the clouds rolled in. Loved the start. Everyone was doing strides and getting psyched in my wave (Jason, David, Ryan, Jeff, Jonathan, Dylan). The energy was awesome.
Felt good on initial grunt up to the Bluebell shelter (split just over 4mins at the bathroom). On/off between running and hiking through the satellites and then had a pretty efficient scramble. Not spectacular, but fast enough to get the job done. I was planning on sub 7 and made it happen. Had a perfect rappel thanks to Cordis, Erik, and John + Homie at the bottom! Was able to go right off the end. Homie had a super stressful job down there and did a great job. Couldn't of made this happen without those guys! Went as hard as possible on the descent, but wasn't able to break 30. Cordis was in my head the entire time, pushing me to my limit! Looking forward to having him back in the mix next year! Wasn't able to make sub 30 happen but still extremely pleased with my time. I love this stuff and hope to be doing it for many more years. That is a wrap!"