FKT: Laura Becker, Tony Bonanno - Pachaug Trail (CT) - 2020-06-27

Route variation
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Gender category
Mixed-gender team
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Total time
4h 47m 6s
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Laura and I teamed up to run the Pachaug trail today. After dropping water at a road crossing, we dropped a car at Green Fall Pond, and then drove to the other end in Griswold to start the run. We kept the effort easy to start and quickly found Mt Misery, stopping briefly to take in the only real overlook on the trail. We continued through a wide variety of terrain until we got to our water drop at mile 14. After refilling and stuffing the garbage into my pack, we continued into a more technical and rocky section on the way to Beach Pond. There were a number of trees down on the rocks, and route finding was a bit tricky. After what seemed like a long trek through the woods around the pond, we were out on the road briefly before turning back into the trails for the last few miles to the end at Green Fall Pond.