FKT: Lauren Cenci - Ironstone Loop (PA) - 2021-06-19

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2h 38m 26s
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When I stepped onto the trail and immediately slipped on a rock, I knew this would be a challenge given the recent rain and residual humidity canopying Centre County.  A week ago, however, after the light encouragement of a friend, I had said I'd make a FKT attempt on this lovely local loop.  Running from Jo Hays was simultaneously the worst and best decision I could have made; the latter because I had the "joy" of climbing over 1000 ft in the final four miles, the former because I got the Steps out of the way while fresh and sharp, which were very slippery and would've been near treacherous on tired legs.  I ran with 2L of water on my back and a handheld bottle with Nuun.  I'm thankful I packed brownies and jelly beans, which pulled me out of some near dark moments.  A lot of this was bushwhacking, but I had a good time fending off the briars and stinging nettles.  I'd say this still constitutes Type 1 fun.  Maybe Type 1.5.  In any case, I'll be back to experience this sweet loop through the seasons.