FKT: Leah Lawry - Franconia Ridge Loop (NH) - 2021-03-17

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1h 50m 35s

I thought I was probably running out of time to put in a hard effort in good conditions so I took a chance today hoping that things hadn't deteriorated too much. It wasn't great, but wasn't completely terrible yet. Mashed potatoes the entire way, except on the Ridge, which was mostly bare. That was super fun to run in spikes. ? I thought for sure I had the FKT in the bag when I got to Lafayette in 1:17, but then the initial descent was really slow. Very loose snow and lots of bare rocks made me pretty conservative. Once I got below treeline conditions improved, but I still felt like I was skiing most of the way down. Two falls, lots of acrobatic moves, and one accidental buttslide, but I made it out in one piece! I think the descent might actually have been harder than the ascent! When I finished three guys were in the parking lot getting ready for their hike, and they gave me a celebratory beer. ?